Unknown Nerves

by CVN

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Somehow balancing the high-tech nature of his sound palette with something structurally more organic, CVN (Nobuyuki Sakuma) uses the duration of Unknown Nerves to reconstruct and remodel, offering a contrast to previous portrayals as an artist working within the undergrounds’ recent obsession with destruction and dystopia.

Instead, CVN is reminding us that beauty may not be as forthcoming as destruction but with patience you’ll find it and with his help, a new world can be constructed and in this new world, old memories will step forward and allow us to reminisce. CVN manages electronics with precision and subtleness which seems to (intentionally or not) call on a deity or spirit to prize out these memories, long since lost or forgotten.

Sometimes it feels like a race against time; drums and synth roll in conjunction with one-another in clinical hits and stabs, progressing rapidly until they run out of steam and submit to concentrated moments of self-control. The absence of violent activity in these pieces, represented by nanoscopic clicks and clips, what sounds like dysfunctional electronics and playfully-tuned vocal stamps and choirs, backed by brooding ambient-tone synthesizers often feel like they’re on the verge of a larger movement about to be actioned.

By clipping the hit length of rhythmic sounds, CVN produces a sharp and condensed minimalist aesthetic that powerfully attracts, charms and tempts the listener. The use of voice in Unknown Nerves offers melody through synth choirs and vocal stamps/samples to track pace and rhythm, whilst the glitches and tiny electronic motifs support larger electronic brass, bells and key arrangements, which form a digital space difficult not to welcome and embrace.

Sakuma is an important cog in an ever-influential group of Japanese electronic musicians that are drawing inspiration from club-ready pulses, underground movements and artistic approaches in sound and vision to a high-tech/hi-energy world. As internet musicians go and if that’s even a credible term, CVN offers something different; patience and grace where speed, deconstruction and repurposed data or aggressive sample-based collages reign.

Sakuma is also a member of Jesse Ruins and has released through Orange Milk, Baba Vanga and Dream Disc as CVN.




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