by Elevation X Toiret Status

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Breakbeat and early hip-hop methods of fast sample cutting and blustering edit work, side by side with drum and bass’ rhythmic tropes: intricately processed and following stricter tempo templates would theoretically make for interesting listening and it’s safe to say that in practice, it is and it works. Between Elevation’s beat-making and Toiret Status’ offbeat edit work, this collaboration of ideas and processes only proves that, but T.D.I.M offers even more than you might first think.

ET03 is the first of four ‘right between the eyes’ cutfests in the eminent tradition of the edit record. All four tracks follow a specific idea: A self-absorbed / overripe reproach; an obvious escape from something. Perhaps the surrounding underground and its semblance of seriousness is what we’re running away from here.

Sooner rather than later, it sinks in that we're in the company of two playful beings, battling with their processes; one stretch of drum & bass placed like a playing card against a hand of hyperactive cuts and blasts, one after another. Separated by 6,000 miles but completely in tune with one another, Elevation and Toiret Status’ battle of processes soon work out how to live side by side, under perfect control. It really doesn’t take long before you’re absolutely convinced by the collaboration.

Thanks to (what seems like) Elevation’s conscious decision to time-keep with these abstract pieces and control rhythm and structure against more improvised arrangements, they’re never too difficult to pin down. Instead, these four pieces are focussed and deliberate. Through mock and claptrap, through intrusion and self-parody, through the total realisation of each other’s craft, T.D.I.M isn’t an explosion of ideas, it’s an understanding of two different kinds. What’s perhaps the most interesting thing about this collaboration is that both artists portray different approaches, span different genres via different pseudonyms, but it’s the coming-together of these particular monikers which offers something entirely new and drives underground sound(s) into bold new directions.


released September 23, 2016

Produced: Elevation / Toiret Status
Engineering: Toiret Status
External URL: twitter.com/ElevationIsHere | twitter.com/NearerSam | soundcloud.com/elevationishere | soundcloud.com/toiretstatus | flamebaitblog.tumblr.com



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